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Punching machine
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Title:Punching machine

Model:Punching machine

BrandUniversal Printing City

unit price:Negotiable

Internal price:Negotiable

Years:2014-09-26 valid until: long-term effective

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Delivery Date:2014-09-26 valid until: long-term effective


Product Details

1 excellent overall design to ensure that the development effect, clear, stable product performance, reliability
2 developing temperature, the time of the development of precise control, meet the requirements of a variety of plate and liquid, suitable for a wide range of
3 water saving effect is remarkable, the scientific design of water washing time is 80%
4 drying energy saving, layout temperature uniform (same effect can save 30%)
5 development of the intelligent system to ensure that the development effect, reduce waste
6 through the development of the power of the circulation, filtration and piping layout of scientific design, can effectively inhibit the crystallization
7 low level alarm, drying over temperature self-protection function, safe and reliable
8 touch screen man-machine interface, intuitive and easy to understand, so that the operation is more convenient
9 rollers, brushes and other accessories with convenient disassembly and assembly, position memory function, maintenance is simple

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